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How to Safely Decorate at Christmas Time

Christmas is almost upon us again with many starting annual decoration of their home in celebration. Holiday decorating is a tradition that many enjoy at this special time of year however; residents need to be aware that they can also pose fire risks and electrical hazards if safety precautions are not made in advance. There…

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Engaging Service Contractors

Whether you’re new to the world of strata or already have an active role within your scheme, understanding how to properly engage and manage a service contract is essential. Bodies Corporate are often faced with considering engagement of service contractors to complete various essential services. The scope of services and the terms can vary greatly…

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How to prepare for Schoolies

Each year, more than 50,000 school leavers attend Schoolies, with thousands flocking to the Gold Coast to celebrate. Wilful damage to property, overcrowding and excessive noise are just some of the recurring problems property managers face during the notorious party week, which kicks off 19 November. To reduce the risk of damage, unit owners should…

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New laws to prohibit unfair contract terms

On Saturday 12 November 2016, a new law will come into effect that prohibits unfair contract terms in standard form contracts when dealing with small business. It will apply to any standard form contract entered into or renewed on or after 12 November 2016. The law relates to the supply of goods or services or…

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