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Climbing the ladder of success

The journey from trainee body corporate manager to company shareholder and partner proves there is no ladder Melissa Braney can’t climb. Melissa has witnessed the impressive growth of Archers first-hand, joining the company in 2008. She first took on the Hamilton Island building portfolio in 2009, which at the time was only responsible for a…

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Commissioners Corner: Smoking in Strata (QLD)

There are few more vexed body corporate issues than cigarette smoking. Its potential for negative impact in a community titles scheme should never be under-estimated. Queensland, like many other parts of the world, in recent decades, has undergone a significant shift in the way it regulates cigarette smoking. What once was acceptable is no longer…

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BBQ Safety Tips

Every summer there are several incidents involving balcony and courtyard barbecues. The risk with barbecues in a strata scheme is higher than in a typical back yard because balcony and courtyard barbecue flare ups can see items other than food catch alight or worse, gas bottles explode potentially causing a major fire causing serious injury…

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Commissioners Corner – Management Rights Transfers – FAQ’s (QLD)

The Information Service of my Office has received a number of enquiries lately for general information about the transfer of caretaking service contracts. To start with the basics, as you will probably be aware, the definition of a ‘caretaking service contractor’ is a service contractor for a community titles scheme who is also a letting…

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