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Insurance Repairs and Responsibilities

Insurance is an essential part of protecting your strata property against the cost of insurable events which would otherwise be a significant unplanned expense. It is also important to act quickly with arranging repairs to prevent further unnecessary resultant damage and to keep the property at its required standard The Body Corporate is responsible in…

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Renovating Your Strata Property – What You Need to Know

There are a variety of reasons why you may wish to renovate your strata property. Some of the reasons include improving your re-sale value or simply wanting to modernise your residence. The key point to consider when approaching a renovation project is to know the boundaries of your Lot and the by-laws in place regulating…

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Budgeting for Your Body Corporate

Happy New Financial Year! This time of year presents a great opportunity to set yourself up for financial success and effectively budget for your Body Corporate. If you are the owner of a strata titled property or are looking to invest in one, you are required to pay Body Corporate fees also known as levies.Levies…

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What Makes a Great Strata Community?

A great strata community is what every purchaser desires when they buy into strata. Strata communities are varied in size and structure and each property is part of a unique environment. There are many positive benefits of strata living but occasionally, complying with some of the comprehensive legal requirements can be a challenge. Being part…

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