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Parking in a Community Titles Scheme

Visitor parking or parking on common property is an issue that can be regulated by a body corporate. The ability of owners and occupiers who live in a community titles scheme (CTS) to park on the common property is subject to the by-laws registered for the scheme. Most parking by-laws prohibit owners and occupiers standing…

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What Is An Embedded Network, and Am I In One?

This article is a joint publication from the Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (OBBCM), and the Energy & Water Ombudsman Queensland (EWOQ). This article aims to address some common questions about embedded networks and the requirements for living in one.   What is an embedded network? An embedded network is…

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Large Market Electricity Tendering

Unlike Small Market energy pricing, where tariffs are controlled by industry regulators and consumer pricing is capped, Large Market energy pricing is only partially regulated, and buyers need to be aware of what they are buying. What does that mean to me? Is my energy account Large or Small? What can I negotiate? What costs…

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Can a Body Corporate Restrict the Long or Short Term Use of a Lot?

Since the rise of AirBnB, many communities have felt the deleterious effects of short term letting. Conversely, a lesser publicised but equally important issue has stayed in the industry for longer: buildings developed for short term accommodation having to contend with long term tenants. Bodies corporate are frequently told that they cannot restrict how long…

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