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Enforcing an Adjudicators Order

One way to resolve a body corporate dispute is to obtain an Adjudicator’s order to compel a person to do something, or to refrain from doing something. But what if the person fails to comply with the order? Adjudicator’s orders will generally fall within one of two categories: Orders requiring the payment of money or…

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Communal Facility Restrictions Revised

Strata Community Association (Qld) has become aware that while communal facilities are permitted to open again, they all are impacted by the recent Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction published on 31 May 2020. Best Practice Guide – Roadmap Stage 2 (Revised) Paragraph 13, Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction ________________________________________ A person…

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Levy Arrears Management in the age of COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, governments around the world have implemented a range of remarkably wide-reaching laws to mitigate the economic impact. In late May 2020, the Queensland Parliament passed legislation altering the way in which Bodies Corporate administer themselves and, in particular, how they recover unpaid levies from lot owners. In this…

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COVID-19 Strata Law Changes – Financial Relief Measures Explained

Smart Strata’s Community Education Webinar on the topic of COVID-19 Strata Law Changes was held yesterday with great success! The interview-style session was hosted by Archers the Strata Professionals CEO, Nicky Lonergan who was joined by leading strata experts James Nickless (Strata Lawyer) and Grant Mifsud (Strata Manager) who are both executive board members of…

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