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Commissioners Corner: Abandoned Vehicles – What can you do?

Ever get a feeling of abandonment? It might not seem like an obvious body corporate issue, but abandoned vehicles are – judging from enquiries my office receives – a topic of increasing interest for bodies corporate as well as other owners. It’s easy to understand why: a car abandoned on common property for a prolonged…

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Access to Units – When is it Lawful

Right of access to lots Many bodies corporate are mistaken about their rights to access lots. There is a right to access a lot only for specific purposes and in accordance with the Act. If you want to read an appeal decision about whether a body corporate acted reasonably in accessing a lot, then read…

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Commissioners Corner: Enforcing Adjudicators Orders – Is There Body Corporate Police?

While my Office provides dispute resolution services to Queensland’s community titles sector, we are not a compliance agency and what this also means is that we don’t undertake enforcement activities. In practical terms, this means that my Office is not the “body corporate police”. We don’t have inspectors going out and conducting audits, checking for…

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Vegetation Management Plans – Resolving Tree Risks

Vegetation Management Plans – Resolving Tree Risks  A significant value-add for both visual amenity and landscape character, trees are also generally protected by local government law to enhance sustainable urban design. This broad objective has undoubtedly important community benefit, but at what challenge to the manager of outdoor spaces containing those features? Public safety, damage…

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