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Committee Guide to Managing Defects

If you are currently experiencing defects in your building, no doubt you will need some answers to the many questions that arise managing building defects which include: How does the QBCC works? What are the different defect category types? What are the body corporate statutory obligations with respect to maintenance and repair of common property?…

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Keeping the pool water safe with proper Pool Management

There is a serious side to operating and maintaining high bather load swimming pools and spas such as those in Strata Communities. An incorrect water balance, poor filtration or insufficient sanitiser can cause bather discomfort, skin irritation, pool staining, dirty water and illness, and lead to potential risk from complaints and worse still litigation. Do…

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Metro Strata Report 2019

With the state of residential strata development currently a hot topic nationally, it is important to gain an overall understanding of each Capital City Metro market’s development pipeline. The PRDnationwide Strata Development Pipeline Capital City Metro Areas September 2019 aims to provide a high-level view of total, proceeding, and deferred/abandoned strata developments, both in terms…

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A District Court judge once described Queensland’s strata legislation as “incomprehensible as it is over-prescriptive”. It is this legislation that aims to govern and regulate all of the competing interests that take hold in a community titles scheme. It should come as no surprise that in this mix we regularly see fictions about how the…

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