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Negative CPI and the implications for Caretaking Agreements

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an already stagnating economy, it looks like unfortunately, we will continue to face gloomy projections for economic growth in Australia. Low-interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia are set to continue for the foreseeable future. As households tighten their budgets and curb spending, it is likely that…

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Safety Compliance Audits – Friend or Foe?

To begin with, it is important to realise there are many types of audits.  Some of the more commonly known types include: Financial (e.g. Accounting, tax) Quality (e.g. Brand, products, services) Compliance (e.g. WHS, fire safety, environmental) Regardless of the type of audit, an audit is essentially about checking you are doing what you said…

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Management Rights Assignments For Bodies Corporate

Despite the body corporate being a party to the management rights agreements (Agreements), they are usually only involved towards the end of the assignment process. If the process is not managed carefully, the rights and obligations of the body corporate can be affected. In this article we discuss the stages of the assignment process, why…

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COVID-19 – Restrictions Return For Private and Public Gatherings

As of Saturday 22 August 2020, some COVID-19 related gathering restrictions in Queensland have been reinstated as a result of recent developments. These restrictions only apply to gatherings in private residences and public spaces, which includes bodies corporate, not businesses or parts of communal spaces that may operate under COVID-Safe plans. Gatherings are now limited…

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