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Defamation Case Overturned – When winning is losing and costs you a fortune

The art of civility appears to be dying. When people are willing to sue each other over a bad date, or even over the length of a sandwich, the urge to hit speed-dial to call in the lawyers has never been greater. Earlier this year we reported on a defamation case that cost a tenant…

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Get Storm Season Ready

Summer time is historically the peak period for storm season so now is the time to get prepared if you haven’t already. From past experiences, we know that intense weather events can occur with very little notice if any at all and when they hit, it is usually with devastating consequences. Storm and particularly cyclone…

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Christmas Lights Safety and Consideration

Its coming up to Christmas again so the decorations have been dusted off and hung up ready for Santa’s arrival in the coming weeks! Christmas light decorating is a tradition that many enjoy at this time of year however; residents need to be aware that they can also pose fire risks and electrical hazards if…

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Improvements Affecting External Appearance Defined

Have you ever faced the conundrum of deciding if an improvement such as an awning affects the external appearance of any lot enough to reasonably refuse approval? Or maybe you have been an owner looking to make an improvement to your lot and wondered whether a Committee has authority to grant approval or is it…

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