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A District Court judge once described Queensland’s strata legislation as “incomprehensible as it is over-prescriptive”. It is this legislation that aims to govern and regulate all of the competing interests that take hold in a community titles scheme. It should come as no surprise that in this mix we regularly see fictions about how the…

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Common Noise Complaints

One of the most common complaints received in strata schemes is to do with unwelcome noise, which can be understandable when living in close proximity. Noise has a knack for traveling through floors, ceilings, walls and across balconies. It is only to be expected that on occasion you will hear some noise from your neighbours,…

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Commissioners Corner – For Sale Signs and Open Homes

Most of my articles focus on rights and responsibilities for owners of lots in a community titles scheme. On the other side of the coin, what about the implications for the sale or potential sale of a lot in a scheme? Firstly, there’s no requirement under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 for…

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Commissioners Corner – Layered Schemes Fact Sheets

We get many questions in the Information and Community Education Unit relating to bodies corporate that are in a layered scheme arrangement. We have developed 4 new webpages to help you understand what a layered scheme is, how to create a layered scheme and how to run a layered scheme. There is also a page…

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