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Body Corporate vs Body Corporate Manager – Roles and Responsibilities

Are you unsure on the role of a body corporate manager as opposed to the body corporate? Strata Community Association (QLD) has created a guide differentiating the roles and responsibilities of body corporate managers and a body corporate. The guide can be kept as a handy reference for committee members and be distributed to owners…

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New COVID-19 Regulation Amendments

Late last week the Government introduced new temporary measures to assist the community titles sector to navigate the complexities of holding meetings, and of managing access to common property and body corporate records in compliance with public health directives.  Last week’s changes to body corporate regulations mean that: From 19 March to 31 December 2020,…

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New BCCM Regulation Modules 2020

After a very long wait, the Queensland Government has today published new BCCM Regulation Modules that will commence on 1 March 2021. For the most part, the changes in these 2020 Regulations simply legitimise many modern practices, such as electronic voting.  Importantly, the new Regulations will close a loophole that developed whereby powers of attorney…

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Defamation Cases – Minor Altercation and Peeping Tom’ Committee

It’s an all too common occurrence – tempers can flare when people are forced to come into contact with others that they wouldn’t usually associate with. When there are differing views in a strata scheme (whether about the standard of caretaking, management, decisions made by the committee, or just disputes between different lot owners) it…

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