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Suing for Strata Building Defects

Since most strata buildings don’t have home building insurance [as they’re over 3 storeys] and even where insurance exists it is ‘last resort’, they have to sue the builder [and sometimes others to get defects fixed].  So, it’s time we all brushed up on the basics and not so basics of suing for strata building…

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Online Voting Education

Last year we introduced online voting capabilities to provide a compliant option to conform with the COVID-19 Emergency Response Legislation, which modified strata meeting processes during restrictions. Effective use of electronic meetings and online voting including the difference between the two was explained in an article provided by online voting platform service providers we utilise,…

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North Queensland Reinsurance Pool – Consultation Paper Released

On 21 May 2021 the Federal Government issued a consultation paper [the paper] in relation to the design of the reinsurance pool, where interested parties can make submissions relating to the design and implementation of the scheme. The Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation will administer the pool under the guidelines, which will be released prior to…

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Commissioners Corner – Maintenance or Improvement?

Bodies corporate embarking on works to common property may assume that if works are undertaken for the betterment of the scheme, it is irrelevant whether the works are classed as maintenance or improvements. However, this article will highlight that this distinction is key in determining the type of approval required under body corporate legislation. This…

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