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Frequently Asked Questions – Keys, fobs, swipe cards, security access and issues

The Information and Community Education Unit gets many queries about keys, fobs, swipe cards and security access to body corporate buildings or scheme land. The legislation does not deal specifically with keys, fobs or swipe cards. It is important to note there is no explicit entitlement or ‘right’ under the Body Corporate and Community Management…

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Electronic Meetings and Voting in the Age of COVID

Strata communities across Australia are adopting technology to help them meet their needs to run the meeting in the modern world that has also been accelerated by COVID-19 physical distancing requirements. The use of electronic voting technology is also in anticipation of long awaiting legislative changes to modernise strata laws in QLD and when compared…

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Strata Community Education Seminars

Strata Meetings and Online Voting in the age of COVID-19   Join us either in person or online for a live demonstration of the latest electronic voting technology presented by StrataVote. The agenda for the online meeting demonstration is designed to be interactive as we delve into real world motions ranging from strata regulations that…

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Negative CPI and the implications for Caretaking Agreements

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and an already stagnating economy, it looks like unfortunately, we will continue to face gloomy projections for economic growth in Australia. Low-interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of Australia are set to continue for the foreseeable future. As households tighten their budgets and curb spending, it is likely that…

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