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Large Market Electricity Tendering

Unlike Small Market energy pricing, where tariffs are controlled by industry regulators and consumer pricing is capped, Large Market energy pricing is only partially regulated, and buyers need to be aware of what they are buying. What does that mean to me? Is my energy account Large or Small? What can I negotiate? What costs…

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Can a Body Corporate Restrict the Long or Short Term Use of a Lot?

Since the rise of AirBnB, many communities have felt the deleterious effects of short term letting. Conversely, a lesser publicised but equally important issue has stayed in the industry for longer: buildings developed for short term accommodation having to contend with long term tenants. Bodies corporate are frequently told that they cannot restrict how long…

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About Occupiers’ Statements

Completing an Occupiers’ Statement and sending it to the Commissioner’s Office every year sounds easy enough to do, so why does this seemingly straight forward exercise tend to generate so much confusion and angst? In this article, we have answered the most commonly asked questions from bodies corporate with regards to occupier’s statements. I am…

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Noise in Strata

Noise issues are likely to be enhanced even more during the COVID pandemic, where there are more people at the building than usual because they’re working from home, self-isolating or vulnerable. Then there’s the thorny issue of how to deal with noise and nuisance issues from the younger members of our strata community. Children and…

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