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Standard Module Regulation Changes – Committee Membership

Below are the outlines of changes to committee membership that you need to be aware of if you are thinking about nominating for a body corporate committee after the commencement of the new regulations. Some key changes are: Committee members are not able to receive benefits from the caretaking service contractor or service contractors, Co-owners…

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Adjudicators Order Making Powers – A Recipe for Failure

If you lodge an Adjudication Application with the Commissioner, be careful what relief you ask for, and how you ask for it.  If you get either of those things wrong, then your Application may be thrown out. The recent decision of QCAT in Rolling Rock Nightclub Pty Ltd v Commissioner for Body Corporate Community Management…

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What Causes Strata Conflict?

At the core of most strata conflict is someone refusing something. For example, the committee refusing to approve a pet, or an occupier refusing to comply with a by-law. Or it is even simpler than that, such as an owner refusing to pay levies or vote at a general meeting. The legalistic approach to resolving…

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Safety Tips for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) Barbeques

Once again, the festive season is almost upon us and with it comes the annual routine of dusting off the barbeque (BBQ), filling up the gas bottle (or buying charcoal) and making your BBQ one of the most loved and well-used (outdoor) kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, with one of Australia’s most iconic pleasures also comes a…

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