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Schoolies Tips and Air BnB Alert

Schoolies week is now officially underway so residents in strata buildings in the many QLD tourist hotspots have seen an influx of teenagers celebrating the end of their high school years. Air BnB properties located in the party zone that provide a teen budget friendly price point and no traditional Schoolies rules most apartment buildings…

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Levy Penalties and Discounts Explained

The timely payment of contributions and service charges by each owner is essential for the ongoing operation of a body corporate. Regardless of an individual’s personal or financial circumstances, it really is unfair on all other owners if one owner does not pay on time (and in full) any amounts owed. The paying owners end up subsidising…

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Insurance and Market Valuations – What’s the difference?

Have you ever received a valuation when seeking insurance renewal terms and thought, this value seems way less than what the building is worth? There is a good reason for this common misconception. We will explain the difference between market and insurance valuations and also the basis for preparation of an insurance valuation by a…

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Renting in Strata FAQ’s

Do tenants have the same rights as the owners in a body corporate and what are they? These are common questions of both tenants and owners to the Commissioner’s office. In this article I answer some of the common enquiries to help you understand your obligations. Keep in mind that obligations and rights of tenants…

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