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Access to Units – When is it Lawful

Right of access to lots Many bodies corporate are mistaken about their rights to access lots. There is a right to access a lot only for specific purposes and in accordance with the Act. If you want to read an appeal decision about whether a body corporate acted reasonably in accessing a lot, then read…

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Registration of Community Management Statements

Registration of Community Management Statements The Community Management Statement (‘CMS’) is a critical document for every body corporate, and it is essential that it is clearly drafted and accurately reflects the rights, and where possible the intentions of the owners. A well drafted CMS containing provisions appropriate to the particular body corporate saves a great…

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Car Park Swaps and Sales

The terms “swapping”, “trans-positioning” or “re-allocating” are commonly used to describe changes to exclusive use car park area rights in a strata scheme. There are formal steps that are required to be completed to properly record the change. Completing these steps will ensure that you don’t get any surprises about your rights to use your…

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