BOSS Elevators is 'Leading the Change'.... We are bringing back quality and transparency to the elevator industry.

The 'Elevator Professionals' in modernisation and routine servicing.

Routine Service Agreements without the 'small print':

* 3 Year Term;
* 1 Year successive Terms;
* 30 Day Termination Notice Period;
* Payment due on First Day of service period;
* Option to include or exclude Fusion Cover;
* Option for 12 Monthly or Bi-Monthly visits per Annum;
* 3 Yearly Independent Audit;
* Comprehensive service provisions without the 'threats'.

Let us customise a maintenance plan that suits your building. Call BOSS Elevators on 1300 843 267 [1300 THE BOSS] for 'no obligation and no fee' professional advice.

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    “Our Promise to You”

    At BOSS, the success of our unique business has been built on providing a high level of service to our Clients. Our quality delivery of services over the past 20 Years have been moulded and shaped by you; our Client.
    The key to our success and our promise to you is constructed on the following standards:

    1. Understanding our Clients’ Needs, Wants and Desires;
    2. Open Line of Communication;
    3. Exceed Expectation;
    4. Greater Industry Experience, Knowledge & Advice;
    5. Market Competitive;
    6. Professional Attitude and Approach;
    7. Workmanship Guarantee …… No Compromise;
    8. Always the Market Leader;
    9. Saving Time and Money;

    As the General Manager of the BOSS Companies, the most valuable message we can deliver to our valued Clients is one of ‘commitment’. Our Team is built on great culture and we care about what you think of us.

    Trina Kemp
    General Manager
    BOSS Companies