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Strata Hackathon – Hacking away at strata issues

SCA (Qld) is facilitating the first Strata Hackathon, designed to ignite creativity, inspire leadership and hack away at big picture problems. A multi-disciplinary team of Bond University students, mixed with SCA (Qld) members acting as mentors, will bring a unique perspective to strata issues in an event that will run for 27 hours from 16-17 September 2020. We need our experts in strata to be part of this exciting adventure, so check your diary and join us if you can.

The Hackathon will see topics given to teams of 5 people who will compete in a 24-hour time-frame to find solutions to their chosen problem area. Next month we will be calling for strata mentors to be part of the hackathon that will promote careers in strata to university students and attract attention to this niche sector.


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