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Strata Community Education Seminars | May 2021


Thank you to all who registered and attended our recent Strata Community Education Seminars!

A huge thank you to our five presenters who shared their insightful and knowledgeable information with guests. Also a big thanks to the local suppliers who chatted with attendees during the networking sessions to and kept them up to date with the latest product and service innovations. You can find your region’s presentation below.



Each region’s presentation link below!

A recording will be available following the completion of all sessions.

Gold Coast, 8 May 2021:

Townsville, 12 May 2021:

Cairns, 13 May 2021:

Brisbane, 19 May 2021:

Sunshine Coast, 22 May 2021:

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  1. Norm Jensen

    Is it proposed to make either a live streaming of the meeting or a link to the video if the meeting – especially the questions and answers from these seminars from those who are unable to attend.