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Services Strata Starter – Supplier crash course

SCA (Qld) is holding a Service Strata Starter on 26 August 2020 to help service businesses learn more about strata and achieve their targets with strata communities. We want to help you do business in the strata industry in a way that makes everyone’s job easier, the communities happier and ensures you further future opportunities for income.
Many long-standing members said a crash course into the world of strata would have helped them greatly when they first started and convinced us that there is a need for this, especially for new employees of service and supplier companies.


The knowledge of all service members will vary so this all-round course is designed for all levels of knowledge and understanding of strata. SCA (Qld) is an association for strata managers, as much as suppliers to the sector and it is our ambition to lift the standards of the strata industry, and that includes providing educational opportunities for all member types.

Topics include:
• An overview of the strata industry
• Committee composition
• The importance of patience
• Forming relationships with strata managers
• Quotes (dos and don’ts)
• Dealing with lot owners
• Preparing invoices
• And receiving payment.

Date: Wednesday, 26 August
Time: 9:00am – 11:00am
Cost: $99


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