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Strata Community Education Seminars | May 2021

New Meeting Processes Commence in 2021 Join us as law experts from across Queensland delve into the new strata regulations that commenced from 1 March 2021. These new regulations change committee and general meeting processes ranging from voting rights to nomination entitlements along with many other procedural changes including new disclosure obligations. This session is…

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Strata Community Education Seminars

Strata Meetings and Online Voting in the age of COVID-19   Join us either in person or online for a live demonstration of the latest electronic voting technology presented by StrataVote. The agenda for the online meeting demonstration is designed to be interactive as we delve into real world motions ranging from strata regulations that…

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COVID-19 Strata Law Changes – Financial Relief Measures Explained

Smart Strata’s Community Education Webinar on the topic of COVID-19 Strata Law Changes was held yesterday with great success! The interview-style session was hosted by Archers the Strata Professionals CEO, Nicky Lonergan who was joined by leading strata experts James Nickless (Strata Lawyer) and Grant Mifsud (Strata Manager) who are both executive board members of…

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Smart Strata Webinar 💻

These unprecedented times have caused much uncertainty with how to manage the health and financial concerns within our strata communities. To provide the answers to your concerns, we will be hosting a webinar specifically designed for strata owners and stakeholder and are now calling for your input so that we can deliver the most relevant…

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